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Train Like A Pro With Rod Gilbert's PowerArm™

Developed by NHL® Hall of Famer and Hockey Legend

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Strengthen Your Wrists – Build Your Forearms –
Tone Your Biceps in Just a Few Minutes a Day!

Power Arm




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Wrist Exercises – Forearm Exercises – Bicep Exercises

The Power Arm strengthens your wrists, builds your forearms and tones your biceps in just a few minutes a day. Using the Power Arm on a daily basis will deliver the results you are seeking using our non-impact arm exercises.

Why Use the Power Arm? Teens, Adults and Seniors all benefit from arm exercises which strengthen and build muscles. Whether you are trying to build strength for sports, attain general good health or rehabilitate aging muscles, the Power Arm can help you reach your goals.

Special Exercises for Athletes, Women and Senior Fitness

We provide specific arm exercises and routines customized for different needs and strength levels. The Power Arm exercises isolate muscle groups that are associated with excelling in specific sports. Strengthening wrists, forearms, bicep and tricep muscle groups through easy to do arm exercises works.

In addition, we help women tone arm muscles to improve their appearance and strength. General senior fitness and aging adults need mobility focused arm exercises in order to attain and maintain good flexibility and movement.

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  • "The results of the Power Arm will amaze you." Rod Gilbert
  • "The Power Arm is an excellent way to develop the power you need for a winning game!" John McEnroe
  • "You’ll really feel the Power Arm difference." Wayne Gretzky
  • "The Power Arm is essential to increase power and bat speed." Keith Hernandez
  • "The Power Arm is a simple yet effective tool to help you strengthen muscles and prevent injuries." Dr. Norman Scott

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