Rod Gilbert's Power Arm

Strong wrists and arms are important for all sports, and the Power Arm can help you maximize your potential.  Designed by Hockey Hall of Famer Rod Gilbert, the Power Arm has revolutionized the workout for sports.  

Both youth and adults have been using the Power Arm to increase their strength and the results speak for themselves.  Whether it's increasing:

  • The power of your shot in hockey, 
  • The speed of your swing in Baseball, 
  • The force of your serve in Tennis, or
  • The overall improvement of your game in Golf, Volleyball, Football, Lacrosse.....

The Power Arm is the tool that will get you there and allow you to compete at peak performance.


Invest 90 Seconds See How it Works


  • "The results of the Power Arm will amaze you." Rod Gilbert
  • "The Power Arm is an excellent way to develop the power you need for a winning game!" John McEnroe
  • "You’ll really feel the Power Arm difference." Wayne Gretzky
  • "The Power Arm is essential to increase power and bat speed." Keith Hernandez
  • "The Power Arm is a simple yet effective tool to help you strengthen muscles and prevent injuries." Dr. Norman Scott

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