Senior Exercises for Strengthening and Good Health

Senior exercises - strength training focused senior workouts - help maintain good health for those following the senior exercises guidelines recommended by the National Institutes of Health (NIH): 1) Senior exercises focused on strength build muscles and increase metabolism, which helps to keep weight and blood sugar in check; 2) Senior exercises for balance builds leg muscles which helps to prevent falls; 3) Senior exercises involving stretching can give more freedom of movement, which allows more activity; and 4) Senior exercises that build endurance are broad and are classified as any activity i.e., walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc. that increases your heart rate and breathing for an extended period of time.

Senior Exercises - Senior Workouts Tips

Senior Exercises - Training - Workouts - StrengtheningBefore starting a senior exercise training or any senior workouts program, remember these important safety tips: 1) Don't hold your breath during senior exercises to build strength as this could affect your blood pressure; 2) Use smooth, steady movements when beginning senior exercises, in other words, avoid jerking or thrusting movements; 3) Avoid locking the joints of your arms into a strained position. Breathe in and out regularly as you use the PowerArm™ device; 4) Muscle soreness lasting a few days and slight fatigue are normal after doing senior exercises; and 5) Exhaustion, sore joints, and painful muscle pulls are not normal, so follow a smooth and steady training regimen.

 Following the above senior workouts tips will produce the best results for individuals who are seeking senior exercises for overall health and wellness benefits.  These senior exercises deliver long-term positive results when they become part of the senior individuals daily routine.

Senior Exercises -  Senior Workouts for Strength Training

Senior exercise training (strength training) helps build strong muscles and bones while keeping the body fit and flexible. Senior strength training exercises increase muscle mass. This helps reduction of bone loss, increases slowing metabolism and builds muscles to help prevent slips and falls. Senior strength exercises and simple senior workouts can combine the PowerArm™ exercises as well as using just the individual’s body weight such as raising and lowering the body while holding onto a chair. Senior exercises also help improve balance and stability.

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Senior Exercises - Training - Senior Workouts - Strengthening Senior Exercise Training - Senior Workouts - Strengthening
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Senior Exercises - Training - Senior Workouts - Strengthening Senior Exercise Training - Senior Workouts - Strengthening

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