Wrist Physical Therapy Exercises Help Prevent Injury

Wrist physical therapy exercises often include stretching and wrist strengthening exercises which are both an essential component of a preventive injury or a rehabilitation program after suffering an upper-arm injury. Wrist physical therapy exercises vary depending based on the type of injury i.e., fractures to bones, sprains, severe stretching, tearing of ligaments and also range of motion challenges. The PowerArm™ is often used in conjunction with wrist physical therapy exercises provided by the physical therapist.

Non-Impact Exercises for Wrist Physical Therapy - Strengthening

Wrist Physical Therapy Exercises
Many physical therapists recommend using the PowerArm™ device as part of their wrist physical therapy exercise program for patients. Combining the PowerArm™ in the wrist physical therapy exercises program with the range of motion exercises can produce a very helpful and rapid recovery from sudden or chronic wrist pain. Individuals who suffer from carpal tunnel pain often need rehabilitation programs that include wrist physical therapy exercises. In addition, a person recovering from a broken wrist often benefits from the addition of wrist physical therapy exercises to their daily routine.

Wrist Strengthening Training and Wrist Physical Therapy

Wrist physical therapy exercises often focus on the individuals who suffer from arthritis in the wrist, compression of the median nerve, numbness and prickling pain from compression of the ulnar nerve bursitis caused from the fluid-filled pockets that surround joints in the wrists. Therapists include wrist physical therapy exercises for the strengthening of the wrist. The PowerArm™ also contributes to a quicker recovery and strong wrists for athletes who are rehabilitating a wrist injury.

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Wrist Physical Therapy Exercises - Strengthening Wrist Physical Therapy Exercises - Strengthening
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Wrist Physical Therapy Exercises - Strengthening Wrist Physical Therapy Exercises - Strengthening

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